Lobster video

check out my video on my liquid image camera. I had to cut it down to 10 minutes for youtube. My daughter produced the video and added the music.

Cool…looks like fun! Good job by your daughter putting it together too!

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Nice Video. What accessory are you using for the Go Pro? And where are you wearing it? It looks like you are wearing it on top of your mask. Thanks in advance for the info.

Gas can it is a liquid image 12 megapix camera mask. it is built into my mask. it makes the go pro obsolete. it has a better video and camera and you do not have to worry about loosing it. I have the go pro and cannot figure out how to carry it down

Capt. Gregg C.Newman

nice catch on the bugs, not to sure about the go pro being obsolete, its more versatile then the mask!

If it got any better I couldn’t stand it.

Great stuff there Greg. Well done on the bug catching and the video editing. I look forward to lots of good videos to come in the spring and summer.

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Angler’s Dream

nice flounder shot


Did I see a couple of lionfish in the closeup of the first crevice ?

Yes we saw a few lions, poked a few.

Capt. Gregg C.Newman

awesome lobster grabs! that was fun! and some good looking LB

I wear the headstrap with my gopro on there neverhad any problems plus with the new 3 you cant beat the quality…

here is a gopro 2 vid


the 2 on top resolution with dive housing is nearly as good

and a 3


I have the go pro but it is difficult to take underwater. I tried the headstrap but when wet it starts falling off. You can use it with a hood but I would not wear a hood in warm weather. Now above the surface I would recommend the go pro. Under water the liquid image is hard to beat. It is there as long as your mask is on and it sees everything that you see.

Capt. Gregg C.Newman

Awesome video!

Nice video, good looking area too.

I can agree with that. I wear a hood usually all the time. If there is 1 jellyfish in the ocean it will end up on my face guaranteed.

I’m with airbus… I always wear some sort of hood… 1 because I hate jellyfish stings and 2 it works great to hold the gopro on

Plus it keeps the rats from biting my ears ( seabass )

Nice video Capt. Looks like you and Mike had a great time. Give me a shout in march when you get down here to Islamorada!! Hope all is well and your daughter did a great job on the video!!!

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