Local Mutant Shark ID Help, no pic

Was at IOP and caught the usual 3’ sharpnose. Grey… Some whites spots on the back nothing unusual. Then I noticed the shark had two different types of eyes. One eye was the yellowish eye with a vertical pupil like I am used to seeing on sharks. But the other was a white eye with a huge black round pupil.

Maybe blind in one eye?

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Bob makes a good guess!! Some pics would certainly help as well

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Blind, and maybe with a torn iris? That might be why the pupil is so big. But that wouldn’t explain the white part instead of being yellow.

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It was definitely not an injury. The round pupil was very well defined (iris and all) and unmistakably a potentially working eye. I figured this must be common so I didn’t take a picture. Then after searching the web, found no reports of this. I believe the shark had the eye of a sharpnose, the other eye of a blacktip. This is a close enough match to what I saw:

Eye 1: https://www.arkive.org/blacktip-reef-shark/carcharhinus-melanopterus/image-G59794.html
Eye 2: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0e/Heptranchias_perlo_head.jpg/264px-Heptranchias_perlo_head.jpg

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Hmm. Could it be that the pupils were just dilated? I’m not really sure, just throwing ideas around.

Anything that pulls drag, right?


nope. wish I took a pic.

Sharks bite each other when breeding and also try to eat each other. I caught a sandbar shark that had the exact eye your talking abouy and a bite scar on its head with teeth marks going right to the eye.

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