Look out for Wren Nests in cowlings!

Took the boat out a couple weeks ago. Figured I’d do the right thing and check the oil. Glad I did! dang wrens had built a rather large nest making a mess all over the engine. Couldn’t see it from the outside.

dang that’s crazy

They will build ANYWHERE. Several times a year I will find where they have built a nest somewhere in my garage in just one day.

Pair built a nest and raised a family in my hockey helmet stored in the garage one Summer.
It got a through wash before I used it again!!!

Nice to see you back!

Thanks, MN,
I stop by once in a while just to see how things are going.
Looks like CF is still a loooooonge way from it’s old self! Was surprised to see that a couple of our favorite trolls have acceded to management!
Diversity or the definition of insanity or both? :crazy_face:

Yes Sir, your intuition seems to the consensus here, among frequent posters.

I’d throw lunacy and just plain stupid in there as well. Kind of like buying a house and then throwing termites in it. Defies any logical explanation.

Well, I’ve known all along that “youse”(Newspeak for"you") guys have it all wrong!!!
CF is merely trying to adapt to our times.
These days:
-you must have lefty censors on your site to monitor all posts
to ensure they hue to the “party line”
-their diversity is much more important than any ability to spell, think or manage to string three sentences together without a script.
So, behave yourselves, quit your grousing, do as you are told and you will find happiness in CF’s “Brave New World”.
Got it? I sincerely hope so. :innocent:

Yea, I think we’ve all “got” it. Sadly what you say seems pretty close to What’s happened.

Over and out.