Looking for a new boat

I have a Sea Hunt 21 foot, has @ 248 hours on original engine

Looking at Sea Hunt 23/24 foot or Sea Chaser 23/24 foot, maybe a tad bigger with twin
Outboards. Pros & Cons between the two boats.

Used boat may be OK, but scheduled, routine ,maintenance is my pet peeve. I perform all my own, ( military training 25 years worth & a state job ) and the Yamaha tech manual. Garage with all kinds of tools to do the work.
And two guard dogs, “ Bear , bite but no kill”


I have the 225 Ultra I am looking to sell if you have any interest. Yamaha 200, excellent shape, 158 hours.

Sea Hunt 225 Ultra
Malibu Stealth 12

Wife stated the divorce papers would be on the dining room table, if I insisted in looking for a new boat. I put a few boat books from the dealers on the dining room table, and emailed her a few used boat ads.

Im still waiting for the divorce papers. :smiley: