Looking for a single keeper


I’ve posted a few videos lately without copying them here. One was repairing my trailer ( the leaf springs broke on both sides) as well as another one where Adam out fished me.
Right now, most everything in the creeks are small. I did catch an overslot in this video.
My wife has mentioned that she would like for me to bring home a fish for fish tacos. Problem is I haven’t caught a keeper lately. So, she decided she needed to go.

Anyway, this video is a catch clean cook
I’m not sure how many folks are even in here anymore but I’ll post it at the top for anyone bored.


Keep them coming. My daughter & I love watching your videos. Since I don’t get to go as much as I would like due to work watching videos is the next best thing. Especially ones that come from just your average Joe that loves fishing, outdoors, and family & friends as much as I do.

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Nice video. Love seeing videos of Charleston