Looking for good Flounder Filet recipe - Anything but fried

I fry a lot of my fishes - so want to try something different for some flounder I got this weekend. Thanks in advanced.

i’ve been told that it can be butterflied on the whole fish and then stuffed with a crab cake mixture and baked/broiled, but i fry all of mine double breaded with panko and it sounds like you already cut your fish.

smaller fillets could probably be rolled with whatever you want for sauce or stuffing and then toothpicked and baked standing up in a dish with something like lemon juice, wine and herbs in the bottom.

best piece of flounder i ever ate was a huge thick piece off a 6+lber my buddy caught, fried and then put on top of a fried cheese grits cake and covered in mushroom gravy. i think i need to go get a snack.

uhhh, I think I need a snack too…

I’ll try the seasoned/sauced, rolled and baked trick…I’ll look it up.

Thanks BW

Nothing fancy but we did some Saturday oven at 350 for 20 min. Real butter pats on each fillet followed with lemon slices and fresh dill. Sprinkled a little emeralds fish rub and let it rip.

Salt & pepper filets, Parmesan, bread crumbs, fresh garlic and lemon zest. Drizzle of oil and juice of lemon. 425 for 12-15. Sauteed Veggies from the garden. $2.50 bottle of pino grigio from trader Joe’s

Looks like shake n bake :+1: