Looking for motor(s)

I posted in the classifieds but wanted more people to see this.
I am looking for a good pair of used motors. Hoping to find someone that wants to upgrade to 4 strokes. Propbably year models 1998 to 2002 to stay within my budget. A pair of 135hp to 200hp would probably work but I would consider a very clean and dependable single Yamaha 250 OX66. Let me know what you have.

Call the Boat Doc in Ridgeway SC. Wes Doolittle is the owner and has a pair of Merc 225’s counterrotation fairly low on hours. I think about 400 hours on them for $6000 for the 2. I have not heard the motors run but Wes is reputable and will take care of you. He also has a Honda single 225 4 stroke but it is much more expensive with about 300 hours on it. If you need a phone number send me a PM.


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Thanks and I will check with him.
Still looking though, so please everyone let me know if you have or run across a deal.

Thanks again,

I’m looking for a used 200 Hp Suzuki. If anyone knows of one please PM me quick.