Looking for outboard

My trusty evinrude 48… Started at the dock, knocked for 5 seconds and then shut off. Obviously not good, flywheel tight so I’m sure it spun a bearing or something. Are rebuilds ever really good? Or should I look for a used motor, or since was looking to upgrade, sell as is… 1997 Maycraft 1700 skiff. Great creek boat. Front trolling motor new Lowrance elite 5, and a super nice aluminum trailer…what’s it worth as is?


Find a Yamaha. They are worth the money! Rebuilds are rarely worth the money.

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i agree with ya, apparently my wife does too she saaid upgrade without me even selling her on it.

Without a pic, I would say around $3k-$4k without a motor.

I’d sell it and go buy a new package if you have the means. If my wife gave me that green light, I wouldn’t even have time to post this topic on the forum. Why are you still reading this, got that new boat man! :smiley:

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Wife gave you green light to upgrade? sell that thing as fast as possible and upgrade before she changes her mind!

You need to keep that wife! Get a new one (motor) before she changes her mind

she is a good 1 for sure… sold the boat… man a happy new owner… now i need to start looking for a replacement… the folkss who say happiest day in boat ownership is buying and selling are full of BS. If you fish, selling sucks , watching her being hooked to another dudes truck, — felt like i let the old boat down…haha… does suck till I get a new one

That’s why I have 7 in my yard it’s hard to say goodby!