Looking for shrimp reports

I hail from the upstate and two of three times a baiting season make the trip down. It’s a pretty good investment but it a hell of a lot of fun when you are in them. Your reports weigh a lot in our decision to make the trip or not. I tell the wife, " I don’t chase strange women, I don’t golf, I don’t football but I do shrimp in the fall. Long as I bring some home I’m in the clear. Help a brother out.

The baiting has not been good so far this season. I have been catching a good many deep holing. 1/2 to full cooler each time out. The shrimp are small to medium in size but have gotten bigger a each time out. Was out there today and got1/22 cooler. My much younger friend got a cooler full shrimping the same areas.

From the reports, or lack of, I’m probably going to wait until the first week of October. Just my opinion but I think the shorter days, the moon phase, and upcoming cooler weather will help by then. 71 yrs old with numerous health issues so I
get wore out quickly throwing a net.

Went to Land’s End Saturday and didn’t catch any (day trip) weather started out nice got a bit rough by afternoon. Anyone try lemon island or outta Shem creek at night yet? Thanks

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