Looking for some Help

Hello everyone. I just moved to the Charleston area last year from California and have always loved hunting, fishing, camping etc. Ive hunted a lot of Mule Deer out west chasing them up and down mountains but obviously it is a different type of deer and world out here. I hunt bow and rifle…really interested in getting more into bow hunting this year (still rifle hunt too).Just wondering where I could go to hunt or learn anything/get advice to better prepare myself for this upcoming year? Any help would be great.

Two basic options: (1) join a hunting club, or (2) hunt the Wildlife Management Areas (WMA). Of course, you could do both with our long hunting season, but that will depend on how much time you have on your hands. I would say at this point you are starting to get behind the power curve, but it is not too late. Most hunting clubs take in fees around 1 May or so. There are even some advertised here on this site, and they are looking for members. While you are living in Charleston, there are places to hunt around Charleston, but predominately private land. You will likely have to travel to another county for better hunting and to get away from the rat race. SCDNR has all the maps you need for WMA areas. There are plenty of deer on the WMA’s, but you will need to scout and scout hard for big bucks in places that are NOT easily accessible.

Or, you can skip all of that and find someone that is willing to take you hunting.
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