Looking for some testers....

I have a BLE control solution that I have been working on for the past two years and I am ready to put it into the “Wild”. If you have an iPhone or Apple Watch and would like to help test please send an email to markandcandyingle@gmail.com. I am look for two testers that are comfortable with installing electrical devices in their boat and have basic understanding of voltage, current, and wiring schematics…Thanks!


Cool project/idea.
Would love to help, but, unfortunately I’m all Android.
Good luck.

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I have the code written for Android too but its not ready for the wild. It will most likely be after the holidays before I push it to the Google Play store. Ill let you know when its ready if you are still interested.

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You just cant stop the salt!!! LOL! Even with completely enclosed case the salt corroded the exposed solder. The Timer LED is completely gone! Once the design is finalized I will cover the electronics with black goop. I may have to drop the surface mounted LEDs and use through-hole.

Mark Ingle 1660 SeaArk w/ 50HP Tohatsu ....Engineered to fish!!!