Looking for trailer - cheap

Hey everyone!
I’m looking for a trailer I could utilize for my kayak. It can be a jet ski trailer or small boat trailer that I could modify on my own!
Let me know if you have one that you are interested in getting rid of!

I am not sure how well they work, but I have pondered on the trailers they sell at Harbor Freight. They are pretty cheap and I have heard of people using them with no issues. Any other thoughts on these guys?

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For kayaks, those trailers would be fine, you’re not talking about any real weight. They make a folding one I have been looking at. I would probably replace the bearings and make sure they are greased well but other than that, all it has to do is roll and hold the weight of A kayak.

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I have a utility trailer that I do not use much any more. Its heavy duty the guy I bought it from used it to move refrigeratos,walk-ins and air conditioners and such. Has regular tires. I think it is 4x8.
Has a regular car axle and leaf springs.