Looking to buy old Pokemon card collections

I know, not the typical fishing post, but I figured some of you might have kids who were into Pokemon and looking for some cash. I’m looking for well kept collections. Please message me if you have any! Thank you!

What’s a pokemon?

Something Jamaican I think.

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I got the kids looking,there’s some around here somewhere.23 you need to get around some younguns then you’ll know about all this new stuff.haha

I still have 100,000 baseball, basketball, and football cards from 30 years ago. I understand that, but I never understood cards for cartoons, games, or garbagepail kids. One of the most practical lessons my father used to say on the regular: Everything is worth what someone is willing to pay.

To each his own. I hear garbagepail kid cards bring some money these days.

@23sailfish that’s funny because growing up I collected cards (Magic the Gathering) to play games with them, and it was tons of fun. The more cards you collected, the more strategy you could use to build a deck to destroy your friends.

I never understood why someone would collect baseball, or sports cards though, as they couldn’t be used :man_shrugging:

Unfortunately, pokemon cards were past my time so I don’t have any to sell!

My dad had baseball cards growing up in the 50s and 60s and I heard all my life about the Mickey Mantles and Babe Ruths that were thrown away by his mother when he went to Viet Nam. It was something we shared a passion for plus watching the Braves most nights together at home. I remember thinking it was the most awesome thing in the world getting Dale Murphy’s autograph and meeting him. I still have that autograph today.

Besides that, as kids we bought, traded, and sold cards all the time for all sorts of stuff (mostly video games at that point) until about 9th grade when my attention turned to girls. :rofl:

Speaking of collectibles. My sister has an autographed baseball and a book (about Ted Williams). She was friends with a girl when she was in middle school and went on a trip with her and her mother to Florida years ago. She brought the items back and told my dad that “Beth’s grandfather gave me a baseball and a book”. When my dad asked who her grandfather was, she said his name was Mr. Ted. Yep, she stayed at Ted William’s house and had no idea who he was. My dad couldn’t believe it.