Lord help me

Got 5 of the grandkids pond fishing.

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At least my 13 year old could put a cricket on.

Caught a bunch of little brim, sunfish and little Bass.
No one fell in the water or got hooked.


You are too young to have that many heirs

Our oldest daughter and son-in-law have 8. 4boys 4girls. From 2 to 15. I think they finally figured out it don’t come from the toilet seat.
Our youngest that we lost has 2 girls.

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Your a brave man, i struggle sometimes with my just 2 kids.

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Goodness, that is quite a brood. Good to see them outside instead of inside staring at screens.

Daughter keeps her thumb on the computer stuff and TV stuff pretty hard. They’re only allowed a few hours a week and they have to earn it.
Kind of the same with the TV. But they got designated times they can watch TV.


My little red-headed firecracker turned 13.

All my girls are teenagers now.
This one might end up being a handful.
But the good thing none of them are boy crazy yet.
The good thing is my son-in-law and daughter are very strong-willed Hands-On parents.
And the other good thing my son-in-law is a gym rat and can be rather intimidating to these little high school boys.

Happy Birthday

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Tell her Happy Birthday from me!

Happy Birthday !!

Just cruising around here and saw this! Nice!