Lost a boat motor in the Combahee

My friend was headed back to the landing and hit a floating log. Knocked his 25 Yamaha off the transom. Took four boats back to search… Nada. He was sick to his stomach. It’s in either the second or third curve after the Tea house headed back to Public landing. We did all throw some top water artificials had a couple of “blow ups” and one large mouth was caught. Right at dark and half tide falling. water temp was 68*

Okay let me tell you what to do.Get one of your grandkids to get on Facebook and find a diver.They would probably jump at the chance for a free trip. They don’t own a boat and they’re kinda nerdy. I would not have broadcast the location. The same situation happened to some friends of mine with a couple shotguns.Luckily I knew the sheriff and he got the guns back to the rightful owner.Here’s a pic of one of the many divers I’ve helped over the years.Wish I’d got his number.


Maybe it’s the wetsuit and scuba mask and distance, but that guy in the truck don’t look no where like the dude in the water?!

Hey, my cousin scuba dives and used to own a Boykin?

You know, come to think of it, there are a few gators in the Combahee.

Lol I fat fingered the Boykin pic.

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A Doctor, friend of mine, gave ma a Boykin Spaniel, around '84, or so?

Worked beautiful, until the first shot, on opening day of Dove season.

Haven’t seen him since.

Dang, I miss him…


Sman, it’s all good. Engine wrote off. I hope someone does find it… but after this long it’s probably silted over and done for with all the tanin in the water. We did suggest a diver, but unfortunately my buddy was very unclear on location of hitting the log. If we knew even a close area with no questions we would have most likely found it with all the sophisticated sonar two of the bass boats had.

Anyone wanting to look for it. Past the Tea house no wake zone in a curve to the right. Grass on the left and a tree leaning over the water on the right. There are three curves to the right with the same features!! The motor is there! Where it is, is anybody’s guess!!

Kinda of an unusual experience for me, around that same time frame, I had a mixed breed spitz. Took him my aunt’s farm to scout around for quail. Just messing around checking field edges and dammed if that dog didn’t go up and point at something with his left front leg up. I told him to hold and caught up to him about five or six quail flushed. We got two and the shotgun firing from behind and above him didn’t bother him. It was weird and unexpected. His name was Beau and he liked to fish and shrimp too. Matter of fact if any shrimp missed the cooler, Beau would proceed to eat’m. Croaker would agitate him.


One time coming down Mosquito Creek, a couple of porpoises decided to come swim next to us. Beau wasn’t too sure they should be swimming so close to us and took exception and proceeded to growl at them when they would break the water.

Another occasion Beau jumped out of the boat and discovered pluff mud. Looked over his shoulder as if to say dad I’m stuck. Two tone dog white on top and black brown underneath after dad extracted him from his predicament.

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