Low tide red - YS

Gathered bait on the bottom end of the tide cycle with muddies, finger mullet, pin fish, croaker, and plenty of shrimp. Let the hunger games begin! Right out the gate for a solid hour she keeps getting hit after hit after hit every cast within 30 seconds but couldn’t get them hung. Apparently the flounder moved in thick but i believe were all juveniles because teeth marks were right behind the gills and they didn’t hit like reds or trout usually do. Then the water went ebb and the bite went slack. After it turned she wanted to put the 8" mullet out for something worthy…well it turned out to be a slot red. Bummer for such a small fish on a fairly large bait. Smile for the camera!!!
Youngen Style


More nice work from the team!!

Thanks for the report, and pics!!

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What a way to spend a day!

I was there Tuesday and finally caught a baby blue fish that was stealing my bait.
Then some gars moved in.
Y’all done better than me.