Lowrance 5 dsi

Hi Guys: My Garmin has crapped out and Garmin no longer supports this platform due to it’s age. Iam looking at the Lowrance 5 dsi as a replacement . Any comments are welcome.


I have the gold elete and it is a good unit.i paid $500 plus but now they are less expensive at West marine.


accademy sports has the lowrance elite 5 dsi for $379. That is one good price for this unit.

Cool: Thanks for the info at Academy Sports. A very good price indeed, I just ordered one.

I picked one up for $299 from West Marine when they had a 1 day sale a few weeks ago. Great unit for the price.

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I did the same loopervet, got the last one they had, and i love it

Yea I went the day before and put one on hold. You should have saw this guys face after he asked an employee for one and the employee said they were out. Then he gave me mine right after him.

Sea Hunt 202
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