Lynyrd Skynyrd

The band back together again

Whiskey bottles brand new car oak tree your in my way

Man them memories

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They’re all gone now. As of yesterday.
Never seen Skynyrd in concert.
But nothing better cruising down the highway cranking some Skynyrd.

My best recollection was 1975 at the Capitol Center, Largo, Md but everything back then is foggy

Although I was just a Simple Man

I have seen Johnny Van zant. When brickyard road was big.

Skynyrd and ZZ top just went on tour together.
Wouldn’t care to see Lynyrd Skynyrd. I would like to see ZZ top. Even with Dusty going.

I always had a hankering to go to an AC⚡️DC show but life got in the way

I have a tale to tell.

I was working on a Commercial Job, in Spartanburg, a few years ago.

Guy comes in, looking for a job. He’s into Concrete. Told him I didn’t have any Concrete work.

He says, that’s cool, and heads off.

Next day, he comes back, and says he’s a Skynyrd Survivor?


Turns out, that he was Arlo Guthrie’s neighbor, and best friend.

He offered me tickets to any local venue, I wanted to attend?

Told him, no, but thanks.

Turns out his story was true.

He was working with a crew on some of the "reality shows’ to re- enact the plane crash?

Never heard from again.

I’ll post his name, if it doesn’t get me into “Time Out”, with the Admin.?

Looks like the “rules” are changing?


Got to see John Mellencamp in Hilton Head when I has in high school. Holiday in Bar When you first got to the beach and made the right to south beach. I told my friend that’s John, … No way… Went up to talk to him, got an autograph and was pushed away by a bodyguard. Wish I’d had the money and incite to buy up some land on HH and Bluffton back then,

Can’t believe no one has mentioned the southern anthem…