Mack Attack 5/20

Robbie and I set out early and fished straight out in 95-130’ depth from 70.5 to 74 deg water. Cobalt blue around 72 deg. SOme eed patches. Caught 8 dolphin (3 @ 20-25 #ers), 2 Kings (1 @ 25-30#er - both released) and a 45# Wahoo. With 2 on board (plus the dog), we were a bit busy at times (6-7 rods), but a good catch for my wife and I - and we got to see the Sailboat parade in the harbor when we returned!

We spent a week in Zihuatanejo the week before - fished 3 days and caught 50+ Tuna, 30-40 Spanish Mackerel (great Sushi!), several Needlsefish (1 @ 4.5 feet!), no Roosterfish, dozens of Cosinero (great smoked) and a 60-70# Sailfish. Captain Miguel Vallero and Rafael toook good care us for the 2nd year n a row - on their 25’ Super Panga with 100Poutboard. Don’t laugh - they have caught 350 and 800# Black Marlin in this boat - great boat - nice ride - super fuel mleage and gerat fishing!

Heading out Sat in the big boat …

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