MAD 2019

Had 2 troops from Beaufort with me this year, great group of guys, and we flat out had a blast Saturday! Caught a super cooper slam and a trash fish slam. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Probably put 40+ fish in the boat and had loads of fun doing it. Was slow at first but once we got to the 4th spot, the switch flipped and the bite went berserk! Ended up catching some stud trout, loads of slot spot tails and one troop caught his first sheeps on rod n reel. I even caught 4 flattys…It’s a great a event for an even greater cause! Thanks for all you guys do to put on this event, already ready for next year!:+1:

Great job stump, I know some great memories were made with a day like that!

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Incredible fishing Stump:smiley:

Nice job Stump, good on ya!

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Great job Stump!

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Nice report with some beautiful pixs. Keep it rolling Stump

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