mahi & chinese fire drills!

hit the rocks at 4:15 for a very long(3.5hrs) ride out against close 2/3’SE seas head on. arrived at the 380 hole at almost 8 & started dragging. water temp was 72.3 very little life. turned around 11mi. past the 226 & trolled back towards the ledge, at 2pm we had 3 fish in the box and one other knock down. water went as high 77.9 and a low of 72. back in 350’ we were slammed by a school we saw incoming frome 30yrds out. 7 of 8 lines went off and we boated 4. the next hour was fun as the fish went through our spread. lost one at the rail, pulled the hook. lost several more with early season terminal tackle issues. ended the day with a doz. good fish 12 to 20 lbs, not bad for our frist trolling trip this year. weather was awesome and ride in was wide open. great day on omega3 with capt. (should have gaffed him) Jimmey, auggie dog and son tqsusmc22! color or style didn’t seem to matter, dinks to the downrigger.Boaters in Jax. thur & fri were catching 20 to 30 each along with yfts. next week , time to callin sick!

If it got any better I couldn’t stand it.

That was a helluva day old man. Maybe we’ll kill some more here in the next couple weeks…

My numbers are so secret even the fish don’t know where they are…

I want to thank you two gentleman from the bottom of my heart, or should i say stomach for the fresh Mahi…Man was it good.

Amen bug. The rough ride was worth it. We had the same slow start but a post noon knock down. I hope your Jax report holds up and the wife grants another hall pass. I’ll battle that surf again for the turn out. See ya!