Making Cider With EF

First we gotta dig out the masher and press, then give her a good once over with some water, oil, and elbo grease.

Shes a beaut. You can google the 1890 Montgomery Ward catalog and see one exactly like it in pdf form.

They dont make em like they used to, this I know.

So anyway, lets make some cider. Big ballgame in Knoxville this weekend (God Bless Josh Heupel) so it will be early next week before we start making squeezings, but you gotta start somewhere, so I’ll start cleaning and oiling.

Hope you enjoy the show, please remain seated with your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

And whatever you do keep your fingers away from the hopper, its got teeth


How cool. Let us know when you make some hard cider.

Next, when the weather is just right, you gotta gather some fruit

Thats probably enough for one big run


That’s a plum? Wow, that’s awesome

Cider making on back burner

More to follow

You prego? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I kid, I kid, haha

Never mind