Mako 293 WA...Anyone have one in Chas. area?

I’m looking at buying one but the boat I’ve found is in Alabama. I was wondering if anyone had one that was local. (not for sale BTW) I would like to take a look at it in person if possible. Thanks. Dave

Ive seen an older big mako docked down at city marina that looks like it hasnt moved in a while. It might be a 293. Dont know anything about it though. Basically from the rice mill house, you head down the dock towards the CG station making a couple lefts and rights and you should see it on your right eventually. Hope that helps. It would need restoration/repower probably… Not sure exactly if you were looking for that or newer

I made it through Breach Inlet earlier this year in a Mako with a stupid captain that ran us through there with five foot roller waves with only four or five feet between each swell, and 18 mph winds blowing the wrong way against the waves, white-capping them while the motor cut out three times. Dang good boat, because that motherf**ker (captain) should’ve killed us. Never again. Kissed the dock. Don’t get in boats driven by people you don’t know unless they are being paid and come recommended. But that little Mako took that beating, and delivered us home.

No matter how many variables I have control over, I never expect a bite. I only hope.

I’ve got a 89’ 261 and love it. It’s a hell of a boat.

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I’ve got a 89’ 261 and love it. It’s a hell of a boat.

From what I’ve read the 261 and 293 are the same boat. Not sure how true that is. Is your boat in charleston?

Yep. You’re more than welcome to check it out if you’d like. PM me

The 293 isn’t the same as the 261, it has another foot of beam over the 261. I think the only other model that shared that hull was the '93-94 263 walkaround. The other years of the 263 was smaller. My dad owned a 1999 293 WA. He bought it new in 2000 with twin 225 FICHTs on it. Motors were garbage but would scream when they did run. Replaced with 225 Etecs. The boat runs nicely into a head sea. But 23 deg. deadrise and a cabin that sits as tall as it is, it definitely is tender at rest and sensitive to lateral weight shifts when running or when running in a beam sea. A fishing friend had a fiberglass homemade, commercial sized ice box we’d put in the cockpit with a couple hundred more pounds of ice in it, boat ran even that much better with the added weight lower and little aft. He sold it, and it was in FL anyways, so can’t help with finding one to look at in person.

The hulls are definately not the same. They weren’t even produced by the same company. You are correct. The 263 was produced in late 1994 when Mako was struggling severely. The model was changed to 293 which was produced in late 1995 shortly after Mako went public. Mako failed quickly thereafter. Tracker bought them out and has owned them ever since.

We ship new Mako’s all over the world for Tracker and I can say the quality of the boats are very nice and have come a long way over the years but they are no classic Mako;)

Just my opinion…