anyone been? Taking the wife with some friends in the fall. Have been looking at hotels near central park but it is hard to determine the qualityof accomidationss from a computer screen.

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Remember it’s easy to get around central manhattan. You might want to spend more of the money on shows, sporting events, and going out, than the hotel room (unless you’re planning on “staying in”- then try the Pierre on the upper east side). Check the mid-town hotels, all the usual chains, around the 50’s and Grand Central Station. Do you belong to any club that gives you reciprocity at the NYAC? If so, it’s a great location and not as pricey.

Have a great time- it’s a great place to visit.


Thanks Stickman. I am not a member of any club. Don’t know what they are. We were thinking of going in October,which I hear cost a little more for that time of year but the weather is nicer and they have more shows. I went to Travelocity and got some prices. It will cost $800-$1300 per person for round trip air fare and hotel. This is for a 4 star hotel near central park. is that a nice area and a descent price?

“Plan like you will live forever but live like you will die tomorrow.”

Which hotel and street? We usually pay $250-$350 round trip for flight Charlotte to LaGuardia or Newark. The rest is your hotel bill so divide by number of nights. There’s lots of taxes and fees- see if they’re included.


From Charlotte to LaGuardia round trip is $150 per person. There are several 4 star hotels in the central park are at that cost. Travelocity say all taxes and fees are included.
The interContinental Barclay for 4 nights and round trip air fare is $777 including taxes and fees.
How much time should we allow ourselves to get some good sight seeing in? I figured 3-4 days would be enough.
150 East 34th street. id the address of another hotel we are considering. I think the name is the Affinia Dumont

“Plan like you will live forever but live like you will die tomorrow.”

Good deal on the flights. Three to four days a good first time tour. Can hit many of the Manhattan landmarks, see 1-2 shows. Interestingly, 911 and Homeland Security have taken a few spots off the list. If the weather’s nice, I always like the Circle Line tour by boat to get an all-around perspective of the island. You can go online and see who/what is playing at Madison Square Garden the days you’re there. I always liked the Museum of Natural History; and there’s the Met for the “cultured” of the bunch.

Not familiar with Barclay, but most of the hotels around Central Park are nice. I’ve been three times - stayed in W Times Square, Doubletree and Marriott Marquis. All were very nice, convenient to walk everywhere but expensive. If you want to be close to Times Square and Theater District, stay on the south side of Central Park. I think Trip Advisor’s hotal ratings are fairly accurate - may want to give it a try. October in NYC is beautiful. Hope you have fun.

Thanks for the help guys.

“Plan like you will live forever but live like you will die tomorrow.”

we go up there alot for work - thye soho grand and tribeca grand are pretty nice. kinda fancy-pants, but in an area where you can walk around and wife can buy all the crap she wants. the W on 49th and lex has nice rooms, but unless you are wearing a black leotard and your first name has 3 syllables or more - it’s kinda retarded. the maritime is nice and inexpensive - but the rooms are the size of a ford focus. wherever you stay (south of the park) - you are only about 30-40 mins walk from everything (unless you want to kick it in spanish harlem). if you are stay south of 30th - fly into ewr, if by the park - go into lga.

walk down to GZ and battery park. i was there in oct 01, it was difficult, but glad i went.

have fun.

I still like going to see the old stand-bys: Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, top of the Empire State Building, Floor of he NYSE (it was closed to public after 911-don’t know if they’ve re-opened it to public). High Tea at the Pierre Hotel (not a guy thing). Dinner on Mulberry Street, walk the shops of SoHo or the village. Toughest part of the trip will be picking what to fit into 3-4 days. Have a great time and you’ll want to go back.


a little known jewel is the public library. They almost always have some awesome exposition going on. Once I went and they had a collection of some of the oldest known maps and globes including some of our area when it was first discovered.

It is always free.

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Have been several times in the fall for our anniversary…Best place we have found is the Doubletree Suites in Times Square. All rooms are one bedroom suites and very comfortable. Little pricey at times but worth it in our opinion.

Why would you fly out of Charlotte…we have always flown non stop from CHS, but maybe they don’t have those flight anymore.


Time is getting near. How much should I expect to spend a day on food and activities per person? I was thinking $200-$300 per couple.

We are going with some friends and they live near Charlotte.

“Plan like you will live forever but live like you will die tomorrow.”

The $$ all depends on where you eat.

Even at TGIFridays in Times Square a Coke is $7.00. So expect some pricey food. But like I said, it depends where you eat. There is a great place called Carmines for big portions and great food.

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try park central they send me emails with sales every so often look out the door to the left and central park look to the right it where they drop the ball at new years eve times square. nice breakfast place 1 block away with about $8.00 breakfast a verry nice place walking distance to alot or catch the subway to china town and little italy

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You can get tickets to Newark from usair for around $250roundtrip & then ride the train to Penn station. Screw driving to Charlotte to save a buck.

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Originally posted by Tugted

You can get tickets to Newark from usair for around $250roundtrip & then ride the train to Penn station. Screw driving to Charlotte to save a buck.

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We are driving to Charlotte because our friends liver up there and we are all going to NY together.I think I spent $300 round trip for the 2 of us.

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“Can put the country boy in the city, but can’t take the country out of a boy” :slight_smile: I DESPISE NYC with a passion!!! Been there several times and every trip I end up gettin the h@ll out of there earlier then planned! Had some lady start to cuss me out when I held a door open for her. I said “excuse me” when I bumped into someone or someone bumped into me and got al kinds of weird looks. Some rude people there for sure, IMO.
My thoughts on big cities? Too many people too close together, and if I go there, it just makes matters worse!

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