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I am extremely new to going after Kings or Spanish. My son and I mostly fish for Drum (Red and Black)and Flounder. Based on man’s need to expand his knowledge and to explore new things (plus we want to try new things), we plan to give this a try at the jetties and nearshore reef.

We know that live bait will work, but we also want to try some trolling. What size is a must have (Stretch 15, 20 or 25’s)and what colors? Remember we are just getting started and we need to get “hooked” before we start buying two or three of everything. So keep it simple as to must haves at this time. I am sure we will expand as successes start to occur.

Also, we have heard of using a Clark Spoon for Spanish. Is their a size and do these come in colors. Also, should the set-up for spanish have a wire leader as well?


Mann’s work fine. The baits are numbered based on average diving depth. Any of these would be fine for the shipping channel where the water is deeper. Look out trolling around the jetties with them if you get too close you will probably lose them on submerged rocks. I’ve found live bait is much more productive close to shore and the deeper you run the better these types of bait work. Also one word of caution when reeling them back in you will want to bring the boat to a top and then reel them in. They tend to pull a lor of water and will launch, most of the time, right at you if you are trying to horse them in with the boat still moving. Big hooks, big lures, big mess. Clark spoons are as good as any for spanish. We keep a few different sizes, but I do not have my tackle here at the house to tell you what size they are 0 and 1 I think. Leader is fine or a heavy mono leader 50lb also works fine. The key is to stay on the perimeter and not run into the school.

Thank you.

Stretch 25’s & 30’s.

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