March 9

Wind light until about 20 miles out, then picked up but not bad. Same on the way back.

Water temp 60 to 62, actually colder than the last time out ten days earlier. This time we headed more to the south than east.

Tried first at 80 or so feet deep at 60 or so degrees. Even on marks that have yielded fish before - nothing.

Moved out to about 110 to 115 feet with water temp closer to 62. Much better and caught a variety of fish, including the usual and common endangered red snapper. (As a side note, a thorough survey of red snapper populations in the Gulf of Mexico was completed late last year. The survey determined there were at least three times as many red snapper as prior estimates.)

Good success with diamond jigs and squid pattern jig. I like the diamond jigs. Sink fast, durable, can fish in a variety of speeds and depths, and much cheaper than lots of the slow pitch jigs.

Note the jig in the sharks mouth. Tried to avoid sharks using artificial lures but it doesn’t work as well as hoped. Wife reeled this shark up. I was hooked up at the same time using light spinning tackle on what I assume was another good size shark. Broke rod and lost shark. Even with the picture, struggle to id the shark she got to the boat and could use some assistance on id. Shark was released, of course.

I’m surprised someone hasn’t commented about what kind of shark they think it is.
All I can tell you it’s a shark…

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

I’m terrible at identifying sharks.
Have pictures and videos and still don’t know what I’ve caught.
My guess for yours is a sandbar.
They have a horizontal white stripe coming from the tail like yours. Not sure if that’s unique to sandbars.


I’d say thats a dusky lemon reef shark.