March Program 3/12/13

We are going to try a little something different for our March meeting and have a combination program. Hopefully this goes well as I have a couple more meetings I’d like to do in a similar format.

Our program for March is going to be on Bait Catching/Home Bait Tank Construction. Warren Turner has been kind enough to join us to share his knowledge of bait catching and casting net throwing. For those of you that were not able to attend his last program on this topic, you will be in for a special treat. Woody Barnes has also been generous enough to prepare a presentation on the trials and tribulations of constructing your own bait tank for home use along with the final design he has settled on.

I really appreciate these guys taking time to share their knowledge with us and hope everyone can make it out! Having these two relevant programs together should be of benefit to everyone. What good is it to be able to catch bait if you can’t keep it alive?

See everyone next week!

Looking forward to it. The last time the cast net/bait catching presentation was done I was out of town and missed it. Thanks for bringing it back around. At 6 bucks a dozen for herring a cast net will pay for itself pretty quickly I would think.

War Eagle 754 Ducks Unlimited - Yamaha 75

Sounds like a fine program to me Shawn. Just hope I can make it.


Does MSC have a way to show a short DVD at the meeting? If so, we might be able to curtail the requirement to go outside during the meeting and I can bring my net and do some hands-on after the meeting is complete for those specifically interested in learning the underhanded toss technique. Also, for those interested I will bring copies of the cast netting DVD showing my underhanded toss technique and people interested in a copy can get one by donating $10 or more to the SBCC. I will then donate all I receive from them to the Wounded Warrior Project to support our wounded heros. As some people already know, the Marxh 23rd SBCC tournament will raise funds to support the Wounded Warrior Project and our wounded heros. We are looking for people that might take a wounded warrior out fishing during the tournament. If someone is interested in helping us by donaing funds and/or their time/boat it would be most appreciated. I will post more under a seperate posting but wanted to give people a notice early. Also, the entry at tournament is only $150 which includes the Big Fish Tournament. Anyone interested in fishing just for the Big Striper Prize can do so for $50. The folks at the Palmetto Sportsman’s Classic and the SCDNR are trying to do a few things different this year to spur more interest including a High School fishing tournament so the SBCC weigh-in has been moved from the Palmetto Sportsman’s Classic site at the fairground back to the lake at Dreher Island shelter #2. This change works great for the PSC and the SBCC since a large number of anglers did not like that hour drive from the lake to the fsairground. Anyway, more details will be posted later under a seperate heading.

Thanks in advance for your support,
Proud member of MSC and President, SBCC and SK

Warren Turner
President, SBCC

Warren I’ve seen you cast overhand, underhand, and on your knees looking forward to seeing it again. Wounded warrior project sounds great hope you get a lot of support.


I hope to see everyone at the Flight Deck tonight!