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Sold my first boat about 10 years ago, have wanted another one ever since. Finally bit the bullet and bought a Pioneer 202 Sportfish. Are there any marine stores in Charleston besides West Marine? I used to like Boaters World when they were at Shem Creek, but they’re long gone. Anyway, just seeing if anyone has suggestions for local stores with good inventory…thanks. :question:

I too miss Boater’s World. Only do WM when I have no alternative.

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Maybe we’ll get Overton’s when Gander is closed. fingers crossed

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I order a lot of stuff from Overton’s online. Cheaper prices and order normally received in 2-3 days. If you can plan ahead, you can save money. If you need it now, WM is probably the only place.

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Thanks mapman…hoping we still get that Bass Pro Shops in Summerville, but haven’t heard anything about recently. That’s exactly what we need on the north side of town, more stores and people!!

Try International Marine online for boating stuff. Free shipping and not tax. Bass Pro is not coming that deal fell through.

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thanks for the info C Tackle…

Look into ordering online from Paxton. Great prices, even better if you get a biz account. The big plus is, if you order by 2pm M-F, it is here The next day. Guy literally drops it off to you. No matter how big or small, we have never had a prob getting it the next day.

thanks scdiver…never heard of Paxton before now. I’ll give 'em a look-see…