Marlin 336

any ideas what it’s worth? a 1977 Marlin 336 30-30 with a Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 scope, see through mounts, hard sided gun case, and 30 rounds of 150gr Remington ammo. I want to sell it at a fair price but my research shows it all over the place.

I have one guy who wants to buy it but don’t want to tell him too high or too low

They are all over the place because it has to do with the condition its in.

Its a very common gun, so theres not much value in it being collectable unless its never been shot and in the original box, but even then, its a relatively new gun even though its from the 70’s so theres that.

Honest wear is one thing, truck rash is altogether different. The scope is probably worth about $150 full pull. According to the condition of the 30 30, my best guess is $400 in beater shape and up to $750 for one with what I’d call some honest wear.

That is to a private party and just a ballpark price. A dealer or gunshop would likely be less by 25% or more.

Thats my best guess without holding it

Thanks. The gun looks almost new and what you said is about what I’m finding out. I’ll contact the guy and ask $600. That should be a good deal for him.

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I have one of those myself. Always liked those lever actions.