Matched the hatch

Was able to get out on the creek yesterday, last 2 hours of the outgoing. Mud minnows and tiny shrimp hugging the grass line. Water pretty clear. Rigged the 2.5” salty bed shrimpZ slam shady and got my slam. Bunch of under slot reds, couple larger. Flounder on the bank, reds on the oysters.


They are hungry right now. Glad you got out!

Reds are still a bit aggressive this late in the year. Nice pixs

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Very nice! Glad to see these encouraging posts for a change! everyone is catching fish but me, coming down and puttin in at wo thomas on Ashley and gonna give it a try in morning… crappy weather or not… gonna try everywhere from the rivers, harbor and jetty’s to catch something can’t take sitting back and watching the leaves fall anymore … going it alone as no one wants to fish anymore unless it’s 75 and sunny

Be sure to fill us in on your trip!

First bridge a bust on Ashley, moving on… water is smooth with just a few sprinkles, passing coast guard station right now and not bad…. heading out to jetty’s hope it’s doable just a little cool temp wise

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Great to see you getting out there!

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Well, did you catch any fish?

Very nice.