Matthews by Mission Compound Bow $200 OBO


Matthews by Mission UX2 Compound Bow. Great Condition, New Strings& Tuned in 2022. Purchased new and used until last year. Adjustable Draw from 22" to 30".

Includes Carring Case, HHA Optimizer Lite 3019 Sight, Bohning Lynx Quiver Realtree Edge 4 Arrow, 6" Stabilizer, Scott Archery Little Goose Release-Buckle Strap, Tru Ball Copperhead GS - Globo Swivel Buckle, 5 Carbon Express Arrows, 3 Rage Broadheads.

IBO: 308 fps
Weight: 3.86 lbs.
Axle to Axle: 33.125 "
Brace Height: 7 "
Let-off: 70%
Riser: Fully Machined
Finish: (Riser/Limbs) Black / Real Tree Advantage Max 4 HD
Draw Weight: 50-60#
Draw Length: 22 - 30"

That’s a great price; shouldn’t last long.

TTT…someone needs a good primary or back up bow.