May 30 - Offshore

Add my thanks to the owners for the site improvements, seems like it is encouraging more useful posts.

Back on the water after a few weeks down due mechanical issues. The lift broken, not the boat. Stuck in the up position for three weeks.

Much bumpier than forecast but ok. Headed in a different direction than usual to avoid thunderstorm. Trolled for a while - zero action. Moved back north, same thing trolling - nothing. Not seeming to find the kings this year. Water temps seem right, 76-77 everywhere we went but did not catch or mark any kingfish.

Near south hole area, 110 feet, water temp 76.5.

The “fish point” feature on the joystick continues to work its magic. Easy, with a bit of planning for boat position, to sit right on top of the fish without the work of anchoring. Could have caught a hundred nice vermillion. Mixed bag, mostly two limits of good size vermillion, white grunt, almaco jack, etc. Caught a vermillion on a jig, a bit unusual. No ARS, nothing given to the tax man other than one bottom rig to a small shark.

Fun day even if not as originally planned.

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You got out there and caught some fish. Ain’t that what its all about.

Those vermillion make tasty snacks - nice haul!! :+1:

Dang, Chesapeake Bay dog here, if I caught them orange fish I’d a thought somebody dumped their fish bowls overboard. Be glad when I can get out. Nice catching.