May Full Moon

White with a red dot beetle spin and crickets. Water is really dropping fast in the Salkehatchie.

Ok, how do we add photos?

when you reply to a post, or start a new thread, the icons appear above where you are typing. click on the 7th one over from the left (the one that looks like a picture) and follow the directions.

two boxs will be on your screen, the one you are typing in on the left, and the one on the right will show the pics and words you are typing. The one on the right is what your post will look like after you hit reply.

You can add several pictures at once now, not like the old 1 at a time version.

On the mobil version when you hit reply the icon to add pics is on the bottom right.

I think thats right,lets see

Thanks ef… I found it on the bottom. seven on the top is emoji for me. or I think I found it gonna try it.

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@EF1 has it figured out! You can also drag & drop the images into your post as you are typing!

This guy has been tailing me all over. He really likes his dog food, peanuts, and almonds. He was hatched by a goose. Crazy story on that one.

Cool! That sure makes it easy! Got to kick the tires and figure this new format out.
How do we navigate to the end on a post that has numerous replies?

Fred said, “How do we navigate to the end on a post that has numerous replies?”

when you click into one of the multi-page threads there is a blue icon on the right with numbers in them. It starts with 1, then a /, then the number of posts in that thread.

If you click on that blue icon with the numbers and slash you can scroll down to the bottom or stop anywhere along the way.


I’m impressed,we can post a pitcher.

Just wait until we can post a catcher…

I speak this language.

such pretty fish right before the moon, hens full of eggs and morning/evening bite was as good as it gets.

I say we weren’t too far from each other. I’d guess I was a little further up stream. Night time bush line cat fishing is hot as well. That dang grill is hilarious!

Me and my son went to Edisto the other day. I like the way y’all still cook on a open fire.My boys got me one of them Coleman stoves so they wouldn’t have to fetch me wood.So I’m cooking with gas now.haha

Bream buster

this has my vote for best new thread since relaunch. how can it not, Sman is posting pix of himself!?

that live fire grill had some fancy charcuterie on the bow plate in the background to offset the fact that we forgot buns and mustard on tournament day. we had meat and cheese, and it kept us alive just fine till fried fish night.


this is the intrigue of… we’ll never know what was on the floor of S’s bote, but i think i can find his fishin’ spot now

Dang that was a heck of a fish fry y’all had!Reminds me of the days we pulled gill nets down at Bessie Reeves fish camp.We weren’t too far from there.That was a picture of my boy,he runs the lectric motor and keeps me on the fish,but does get his share from the back .He always has to shoot something that is illegal ,that’s what was in the bottom of the boat.haha Maybe we’ll run up on you one day in whippy swamp,if you see stumpy from rio bravo and the duck commander driving the boat you’ll know it’s us.haha

C’mon sman… Everyone knows where you are within miles when you troll up in the Jon with the sound system going…

Hookin Them Lips and Remix Bassmaster Rap Fishing Songs - YouTube