May have killed my dog

I had 3 sago palm seeds.Wife cleaned out the place i had them and left them on the kitchen table.Min Pin grabbed one and ate it.He was sick yesterday throwing up and not eating.Took him to the vet today.Came home and found pieces of chewed up what look like sago palm seed.I called back and told Doc what i found.I hope they can flush the toxin out and save him.Sago palm seeds are deadly to animals.Had no clue.I have several left anyone want to plant them?

Dang Stono, sure hope your dog is OK:frowning_face:

Sago seeds are deadly poison to animals. Good friend of mine recently lost 4 cows from eating them.

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Doctor called and said 50/50 chance.Liver having some problems as well as clotting.They are giving him a human drug that clumps the toxin.My stupid fault.the guilt is just terrible.I rescued this little guy and then this happens.(**()


Don’t beat yourself up, Joe you had no idea. I hope he gets better. You are doing all you can do.

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Good luck. I mean that.

I’m sorry for you and your pup. It was an unfortunate accident, try not to beat yourself up. I hope he pulls through

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Stono, not your fault man. Stuff happens. I’m sorry for both of your troubles right now.

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so sorry to hear that man. saying a prayer for your pup. :frowning_face:

My Lab ate one a few years ago and I had to rush him to the animal hospital. Who new they were so poisonous? They kept him for a few days and gave him charcoal and other meds to flush his system. He pulled through. I hope your dog makes it through ok.

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Sorry to hear about your dog , Joe . It wasnt your fault, you didnt know .I hope dog recovers .


Wow, glad you posted this. I had no idea. Last week I retrieved a sago plant that my dog (sheppard/lab mix and puppy stupid) grabbed out of the pot and had just started to chew on it in the yard. Live and learn. Hope your dog is ok.

?Every part of the Sago Palm is toxic: the leaves, the roots, the branches, but the seeds and seed pod are most toxic. If you see or suspect that your pet has ingested ANY part of the plant, induce vomiting right away by making them drink hydrogen peroxide AND then take the pet to a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY. The vet will take a blood sample and start an IV of fluids to try to flush any toxins out of their system. The blood sample will show the liver enzyme level (the liver is what is affected by the sago palm). If you catch the poisoning early enough, the survival rate of your pet can be increased by 50%. If you don?t catch it early, the fatality rate is very high?.

Ditto on the “don’t beat yourself up, Joe” comments. Dogs are knuckleheads. Adorable, loveable knuckleheads. Don’t feel you’ve done anything wrong or endangered him. He was just being a dog.

My daughter wrapped numerous Hershey’s kisses to surprise us on Christmas morning. Surprise was our miniature schnauzer sniffed them out and ate them all. Trip to the vet, all was ok. My guess is she felt like you do, but you can’t fix/hide everything.

I’m sure he’ll be ok. Good info above^^^^^^^^^^^

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Nobody can help what they don’t know, Joe.

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Doc called and said clotting time was back to normal.She said she was hopefully optimistic.Next 24 hours will tell.Bull now up to $2100 told her fix my dog no matter what it cost!!!


fix my dog no matter what it cost!!!

That’s what I’d tell them too. I can make more money. I got a good feeling that dog will be OK.

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“Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.” -Robert N. Rose

azaleas are that way to cats also… My wife’s cat ate some leaves a few years back and was acting like mad cow, running in circles and bouncing off the walls…

I hope the dog will be o.k.

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Joe…tried to call you yesterday…left a message. Hope pup is hanging in there. Prayers said…call us if we can do anything!

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Went to see bailey today and he saw me and was so happy.We sai in a chair he on my lap for 30 minutes.he almost fell asleep.I brought some chicken but he did not want to eat.Took him for a walk and he had a good long pee and took a healthy dump.Poo was all white.I hope they were able to get the toxin out of him.He saw my truck and wanted to get in it and go home.had to leave him and man that hurts.Took some pics and will post of fb later.


Great news Joe!

glad to hear he’s doing better…once you get him back home all will be well!!