maybe a little help? the more the better!

I normally fish out of north edisto, but i was thinking of fishin out the harbor. normaly fish for dolphin & wahoo I catch some kings in the process. is ther a better way to catch kings than with skirted hoos? if there is and i am sure some one knows can you help& not really fimiliar with chas. either and sugestion for locations I have no problem going on offshore if it will help chances. I would like some inshore ideas too in case it is too rough.thanks for any sugestions!

Sounds like you got the right idea. You might want to go back and read some of the king mac section. Lot of live bait out there during this time of year to just gotta troll slow if its alive.

good luck:smiley:

Live bait pogeys or mullet even bluefish the variety is better. Use the standard king rig two #4 treble one through nose and the other along back. I run four rods two down deep varied depths the other two on top one close to the boat and the other a good ways behind boat and one of these will be carying two baits. I try to keep the boat around two knots. You probably could run more but I only have 18ft no outriggers. Good luck.

live bait produces bigger fish sometimes big fish will hang out near the jettys and in the shipping channel or around the reefs, tide lines, around schools of spanish if it is too rough stay close to shore it might pay off for you, or not but that is fishing. one more thing last time out to rough to live bait so i trolled naked ballyhoo and it payed off 9 king and 1 mahia before 1:00. dont be afraid to try new things


thanks for the help, where can i find the bait???

Play with fish: and get bit

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where can i find the bait???

Go to the beaches or harbor and look for the diving pelicans. Throw you cast net on the flipping fish the pelicans are eating. Using a heavier net, at least 8 ft, will increase you chances of catching the bait.