Maybe I should have stayed home

Old Buddy of mine was in town for two weeks so I told him we would get on some fish if the weather held. Saturday 0630 we left the house and head to the spinx for some unleaded Gogo juice. Take a right and trailer feels funny. Pull into goodwill parking lot and there’s a huge bulge in tire sidewall. Ran home and grabbed tools and a spare hoping to salvage the day. Jack up the trailer and the hub is busted to peices. Crap, jumped back in truck and darted to northern tool. (May I say that the customer service there is unmatched). They had everything I needed. Fixed the hub and slapped on a spare so I could limp home. Replaced the other hub and shot to Walmart to get a new set of skins. No dice. Discount tire was the ticket, at a price… went home and put new tires on the new hubs to finish a solid half days work at noon. After that it was a vendetta, we left home on the second try. Got to the end of the jetties and the seas were as advertised so we went for it. Trolled for a few hours, one smoking hookup early and I broke the cardinal rule king fishing and I tightened the drag(slightly). Broke the 65lb braid like it was nothing. Went on to use my new (new to me) downrigger I just bought and fixed up. First time using a downrigger and didn’t think to tie to boat. Was sitting on edge of boat and another rod went pulling drag… I jump up and the rigger caught my pants… into the drink and never to be seen again, rod and all. Still caught a few kings and a lil tunny. Total fishing trip cost was high but I can say I will never forget this trip. Just glad my buddy caught some fish and learned some lessons. Honestly got lucky with the trailer. Could have been bad. If anyone has a used downrigger for sale at a decent price let me know, I’m in the market… again.
2 Hubs 120$
New tires w/ balanced180$
Used downrigger 80$
Line for downrigger 12$
10lb downrigger from haddrells 60$
Line clip 15$
Gambit mount for downrigger 60$

Total 527$ And a penn GTI 325


Taking an old buddy fishing and coming home safe… Priceless

Hey give me a call, I think I can help you with the downrigger.I kingfish quite a bit and have all kinds of equipment you might be interested in.Wayne Miller 843-819-6049.

Wayne Miller

Dern. That’s how it goes some days. Good on you for taking your buddy and at least putting him on a fish and a half. I’m sure he’ll remember the trip for a long time, so that’s worth something.
Sent you a pm with a couple of questions.

You must have the patience of Jobe. Good on you, for I’d have lost my cookies!

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Great of you to hang in there. I know how it sometimes becomes a challenge to get fishing. Seems like the tax man could have left you alone at least, I think you paid yours!

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