Mayhem & Madness 10/25/14

Great day to be on the pond! Water was calm, air was cool and the fish were biting. Daymakers in the box and Daymakers turned loose (way too many of them). Fished in roughly 100 feet, ended the day with:

2 Gags
1 Grunt
22 Beeliners
8 Blackfish
4 Pinkies
16 Triggers (could of had a hundred if we had changed our rigs over)
25-30 ARS - all released healthy. Without a doubt, this was the most caught fish of the day. 2 of the ARS were 20lb+. Fun to catch! Not so fun to release.

gags eat live baits or did you get em on those chicken rigs with squid???

Live baits

The J Team
Mayhem & Madness

Looks like a great day! Congrats!

2000 Sportcraft Sport Cat 255
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160

What rigs did y’all use for triggers?

Nice table of fish!

nice catch…

21’ Triumph T-Top 150

mighty fine!!

If you ain’t retie’n, you aint try’n!

“it don’t pay to think too much on things you’ve left behind”- townes van zandt

very nice


Oyster Baron

NMFS = No More Fishing Season

“Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him”

SouthernMiss, most of the time our Triggers are caught on chicken rigs with a smaller hook, 2/O or smaller. They were cleaning the hook on the drop with larger hooks. I have had them actually stop the bait drop at 40’ down and try to clean the hook. I tell any newbies on the boat, pick up the tip of your rod within 20 seconds and you will usually hook the Trigger. Don’t wait to feel the bite, they will clean your hook if you don’t pick it up and check for them.

Thanks for the positive comments guys. My crew and I appreciate it.

The J Team
Mayhem & Madness