meat haul

son just returned from a 9 mo deployment and i ran down to jax to make sure his crooked rino was not as far off as he said(missed a lot of fish 2 yrs ago blaming it on a bent gun)he was dead on this time as he killed everything that came within range. we saw at least 100 grouper up to 30lbs all over one spot that was also loaded with triggers, flounder and other bottom dwellers. grouper were still closed but we had a great dive in 70’, viz @40’ and the temp 73 top to bottom! tons of reds in 100’ and one cobe that fell t0 a bucktail!
awesome day of Fla. diving

leadslinger had a invite to go on a commerical dive trip, he could not get out of work, but this what it looked like

he will be her this weekend for some trolling and a few more spearfishing pointers from the old man! thrilled to have him back.

If it got any better I couldn’t stand it.

NICE. Don’t forget to take lotsa pictures tomorrow.

14’ Pamlico 140 Angler w/ rudder
Kayak, SCUBA, or both.

Congrats on his return. Pity the fish

That’s actually one pic best left off the www. Wait till our foes see that one…

yes sir, guuud eats