Medium BGE- SOLD

I have a medium Big Green Egg for sale. It comes with a BGE cover, plate setter, ash tool, 3/4 of a box of BGE fire starters, half a pack of BGE high-temp adhesive felt gasket and a BGE nest.

I’ve had it for two years and since buying a new grill/smoker so I’m willing to part ways with my BGE. This grill is seasoned and ready for use. The main gaskets are seasoned and still seal completely. I recently replaced the high temp gasket around the top vent cap so it is brand new. The whole package can be yours for $300.

New owner can come to my house to pick it up or we can make arrangements to meet somewhere to complete the exchange. I live in Lexington, SC.

God bless the “ignore” function.

My brother in law is very intersted…PM coming your way

2000 Scout 175 Sportfish

PM received and replied to.

Standing by…

God bless the “ignore” function.

That is a really good price. If I did not already have one…

Man, that’s a deal, what are you replacing it with?

Ill take it. 843-437-6650- Can pick up any time


Tall Sail Marine

$350 delivered to Charleston?

After being released, a lot of fish die, but a lot of them live also.


I’m sorry but swampchiken’s brother-in-law was the first to contact me and offer me the asking price so I sold it to him.

Boatpoor, I recently bought a Woodwind pellet grill/smoker w/sear box from Camp Chef. That thing is incredible and very versatile. That poor BGE has sat under its cover in the garage since I bought the Woodwind.

God bless the “ignore” function.