Memorial Day Charcoal

Lowes Hardware has their annual charcoal sale, its 2 big bags double wrapped for $17.99. Pretty sure its 36 pounds (or so) total.

Good deal but I’m too lazy for charcoal.

Perfect timing. Use the last my charcoal last go around.
Stop on the way home. See if I can get a Lowe’s employee to put it in the buggy and then find another Lowe’s employees put it in my truck. Then the wife can unload it when I get home. Did something to my back two weeks and 3 days ago. Still pretty pitiful.

You get an extra 10% off at Lowes to.

Thank you for your service sir

Lowes used to give us the 10% on everything in the store. I noticed they stopped discounting major appliances.

Lumber too, evidently they say they arent makring those things up as high now as they used to