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I have not had the chance to use the boat in a while…pulled it out last week to do some cleaning and back out today to fire it off and make sure all was good and of course it’s not. As far as I know, all I’m dealing here with is the water pump impeller but I’d like to go ahead and get a good checkup done. I haven’t been in the area to long…who is a good merc mechanic in the area. Broad Creek Marina in Hilton Head has kept up this boat since it was new but not really looking to drive to HH for boat service.

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I use Charleston Marine. Chris V and his crew will have you up and runing in no time. They do great work and are real fair with pricing.

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Chris V

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Hanckel Marine on Hwy 17

none of the places mentioned above are certified mercury dealers…i am sure these guys are great and do good work but i personally would go to mercury certified only
i would recommend either hall marine or longshore boats or duncans boats in the charleston area

Diversified Marine. I believe both Rod and Chris are Mercury Certified. They are on Johns Island.

Tall Sail Marine

Thanks guys

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is it carbuerated or opti?

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is it carbuerated or opti?


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ChrisV on here works on mercs. I don’t think he is certified to work on opti pop’s or verado’s but so what if its a simple efi engine. A water pump is a water pump regardless of the manufacturer. Other than that, I know Longshore was the about the only certified reputable Merc shop around.

I looked. They are mercury platinum certified, whatever that is. They do good work, and are very proud of it. I used to use them back in the day when I had a merc and they always did good work. Same guys own / run it.

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