Merry Fishmas 2021

Merry Fishmas 2021. Day 1 Friday 24 Dec.
Edisto, Water temp 56.7 degrees.
Weather was cool first thing in the morning but warmed quickly. Brought along a friend in the hopes to beat my personal best most fish boated in a day. They did not disappoint. First spot produced 8 trout and 109 reds. We were way to close to the record (128) set a couple years ago to quit now. Ran to spot 2 for 35 more reds and finally finished off the day exploring a new creek for 1 more trout. Days tally was 153 total. Needless to say, we were pretty excited. Those days do not come very often if ever and are heavily outnumbered by slow days. It’s been 2 weeks and it’s still sinking in.

Merry Fishmas 2021. Day 2 Friday 31 Dec.
Wando, Water Temp N/A degrees.
Well, after the record setting first day I didn’t fish the rest of the weekend. Nowhere to go but down from that. Decided to hit the Wando which is my 2nd toughest river to fish behind the Stono. Weather was really nice and plenty of others on the water. Thought I would fish a long section where multiple ditches dump out but there were boats lined up the entire length. Diverted to a ditch I fished a long time ago and finally felt that thump. 1 red and to be honest it wasn’t big enough to thump, more like a tick. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Fish are the ultimate equalizer. Someday I will decode the wando and it will produce for me.

Merry Fishmas 2021. Day 3 Friday 07 Jan.
Edisto, Water Temp 57 degrees.
Had more company on the boat for the weekend. Fished mid through high tide into the evening low. It was a brisk ride in and the winds presented rollers with whitecaps on the main ch

Those are truly some impressive numbers. That must of been one heck of adrenaline high to be on. Great job & I feel the pain on the phone, lost some myself to water. Salt, fresh, & toilet water:astonished:

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Welcome back… That’s a stellar day no doubt! Got to love it! Don’t do us like last year and post once and get ghost, would be nice to see some more reports from ya man:+1:

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…well, some fishing too!

Very nice. I’m guessing the cold snap heading this way will slow the fish down a bit.

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I hear ya stump. Didnt mean to ghost ya’ll. This was my first fishing forum and learned so much from the members. Merry Fishmas goes back to 2017 and want to keep the tradition going.

Last year my computer did not get along with the site and the image management piece was a little rough around the edges. It’s much easier to load an image now so I thank whoever made that adjustment.