MI on 9-18-20

Put in at 7am & hit the jetties for a while. Had a few bites but no takers so moved into oaks creek. Caught several lady fish & some other trash fish.
After moving a few more times we got a few small flounders, couple small BSB, a few croakers, a small grouper, & 7 or 8 trash fish.
Wind picked up at noon & we got to the dock at about 130. Was hell loading, wind gust blew me off the trailer a couple times.
A huge grady white & a pontoon looked like they were in a rodeo trying to get those loaded.

[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]
[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]

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The son & I got to the ramp at 7am or so. Ramp was not crowded at all but the parking lot was half full. It was high tide with no wind & smooth water. I wanted to run out past the jetty but my some didn’t like that idea, i got to work him up to it. We fished the jetty but only found bait thieves. Left & run across what I thought was a huge school of bait but once we got on them it was a huge school of feeding blue fish. All that i got a good look at was 16" or bigger. They cut off everything we threw at them. By the time i got a steel leader on they disappeared. It was exciting even if we couldn’t land any.
Rest of the day was slow & only caught some trash fish so i let him go swim at a sand bar.
The dock was backed up with guides, Seatow bring a small boat in, people that can’t back. Sit in water for 30min then sit in line to back in for 30min. I did get to watch two guys who couldn’t back going at the same time side by side. Miraculously they didn’t collide with one another.
Then to wash the boat & take the son to eat seafood, he loves Mahi.
Not a good fish day but we both had a great time.:sunglasses:

[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]