Miami 2/5-6

went down for a couple of days fishing. They’re unusually slow (although 1 boat had 10 on Monday). We went 2-2 on Tuesday, 1-1 on Wed. All nice sized, but they were scarce. One boat had 5 (they had a quad) on Tues, but most just a couple. Wed. the wind was stiff and the water dirty. Lots of slinger dolphin around though. Could have wore them out with smaller baits, but still I caught one on a gog on wed. Too rough for swords unfortunately. Maybe I’ll get lucky and go back for the weekend.

You are going to be to busy to fish this weekend!!!

Oh wait…you are still waiting on that permit. I will see what I can do!! :smiley:


Whereabouts was you fishing? My brother-in-law has a 46 Ocean Yacht S/f in Miami Shores.

Monty’s/coconut grove

Whale…get yo’ ass on that permit. flight leaves at 2:30 and a cold front blew into my house.