Miami Peacock Report

Got my niece (10) and nephew (7) in town this week for their spring break. Grabbed us some shiners and hit the lake. Fished for two hours and got 9 peacocks, 2 catfish, 1 largemouth. Broke a couple more fish off that I think were cats. Kids had a blast.

Also took them trolling one day. Had the crappiest baits that I have ever fished with. The bellies split open just from pooping them! Don’t ever buy “fresh” baits from a local tackle shop in Florida. They put them in a cooler on ice and the chlorine and fresh water just destroys them and turns them into pudding… Believe it or not, the frozen, vacuum sealed are much better baits since they are brined and flash frozen.

Anyway, finally got into some fish and they were ready to leave. Short day trolling for 3 hours and got a couple of dolphin and a bonita.

nice pix. thanks.

any luck with the carp on grass fly? you got my whole house talkin. we got some carp in our ponds, but they aren’t eating the fly yet.

Haven’t tried the grass flies yet. Waiting on the mail. But, I yanked a clouser for a little this afternoon and caught 6 more peacocks including a 4 and a 6 lb’er as well as 3 mayan cichlids. Great fishing today!