Mid day small tide reds

They were up there for the high tide even though there wasn’t a lot of water. Could hear them blowing up in the thick grass, but couldn’t get to them mostly. Today was a predicted 6.1’ with light winds. Weedless was the only way to go after cussing at suspended flies just above the water for a half hour. It was a good 10 inches less than I prefer, but nice and calm and had the water to myself.

This guy was almost vertical fishing. Dropped the lure right in front of his face and he casually picked it up and swam off. I don’t think I’ve ever hooked a red less than two feet from the boat before. He wasn’t tailing, just bullying his way through the tall grass looking for a lazy meal.

Incredible time in the lowcountry. Get out there!


fake report, can’t get no valencias on this side of the country anymore!

were you fishing Kebda’s secret hole?

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Man you sure had a pretty day to go play.

Best soft plastics angler I talk to regularly loves weedless rigging the Texas eyes, he pulls them right through rock piles to catch reds trout and flounder

Nice dark water color on that fish

Awesome, hope to get down that way before too long.

That little produce stand near Mr K’s Pigg. Can’t beat em.


Nice one Ricky! I’ve been living vicariously through reports like this. Thanks.
Barbawang, I think I know who you’re referring to. Recently retired? :wink:

Bang bang boogie! :clap: Well done sir… I’d be lieing if I said I wasnt a little jello! Purty fush too…dang haha

Yessir, that’s him! Putting up 20”+ flatties on the reg now that he has no excuse no to!

Beautiful red! Nice job!

It’s been my honor to have become friends with him, and fishing buddies. We’ve had a few memorable trips together. I guess I could say the same about you, my friend.

Living the life!! Boiled peanuts and fish! I’d love to move to a spot I could keep the boat in the water!! Maybe I can get out this weekend if the weather permits.