Middle America County Fair

They dont do these much anymore


Wish I could have been there. I have an old Farmall Cub if anyone wants it.


You are right, not many such fairs around anymore as far I know. Pretty cool though. I have a friend that collects old tractors. He would love such a show.

I’d come take that off your hands for you. I want some yard art by the pond

Those are some great Americana pictures there. I think we’ve talked about it before, but if you’ve never done it, the Ford Museum in Dearborn MI is incredible. They have all kinds of very early vehicles including tractors. Its an amazing place to just spend a day and marvel at the engineering application of people generations ago.

We love the Iowa state fair. Have made the trip several times just to see the butter cow. A few years ago we were truing the exhibit hall. The Iowa National Guard had a recruiting booth with a female LTC working the booth. I stopped and asked her if they were down to making an LTC work the recruiting booth. She smiled and said she was there so the folks detailed could get some lunch. We exchanged “Guard” stories for a little while before we moved on. The next time I saw her she was on TV taking the office of US Senator for the state of Iowa!

Friday looks good for me 23,but there’s no hurry.

My dad bought a steel wheeled Fordson tractor in the late 40’s when he bought our farm.

It was rusted some of course, but ran well as far as I know, he was a good mechanic.


We had a steel wheeled Fordson when I was a kid. I can remember standing on the seat and hanging onto the steering wheel and pretending to drive. I slipped and fell striking my head on one of the cleats. Still can feel the spot on my head to this day!

Unlike the hydrostatic transmissions of today those old tractors stayed in gear when tipped over and instead of just smashing someone they would grind a man to smithereens

Ask me how I know. My uncle back in the late 70’s was getting his old farmall running again and we found the tractor 40 yards from what was left of him.

I once had my back broken in two places, femur and right hip crushed, 9 broke ribs, a concussion, and generally the doo doo smashed out of me, bit I lived because of the hydrostatic transmission disengaging when my foot left the pedals

I am tougher than a kubota, but not by much, lol. Thank goodness it was on freshly cleared softpack ground

I still work that tractor weekly, or should I say it still works me

My great Grandfather died in a tractor accident. He ended up between the tractor and a tree. It didn’t end well. 1965.