Midlands Striper Club Banquet

This is the first of several posts that will be posted reminding everyone of our upcoming banquet. The date is Jan. 10 2015 Saluda Shoals Park from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. We will eat at 7:00pm. You may sign up by replying to this post, use our new Facebook page or call or text me at 803-463-3974. I need to know how many adults will be attending and how many kids under 12. Shealys BBQ will be catering.

Bringing a door prize is appreciated but definitely not required. You do not have to be a member to attend but just have an interest in striper fishing. We will have some fabulous door prizes that will be given away

Loretta and I will be attending the banquet. Thanks Marshall.

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We have 3 maybe 4

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As usual Marshall, I may or may not be there depending on how Region Band Auditions go in Greenwood. Go ahead and count on me and Jennifer, and we’ll see how things work out.

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Put us down for two kids and two adults.

Just me.

Molon Labe!

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Thanks for signing up. Looking forward to seeing you all at the banquet

Ok guys we usually have over 100 attendees at our annual banquet if y’all haven’t called Marshall yet the time is getting close.lot of new members this year. Come and join us for a great time on January 10 th .

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Marshall, put me down for 2

Hey T-Bone good to hear that you will be attending our banquet. Looking forward to seeing you.

Put me down for two 4 adults and two kids…

Thanks for all you do with our banquet Marshall!


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Got you signed up Richy.

2 Adults and one kid.

See you there!

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Marshall , Fran and I plan to be there. We look forward to seeing everyone.


Good to see people starting to sign up for the banquet. We have about half signed up of what we usually have so keep it coming. I have all signed up from Cam’s post and above. If you know of someone who has not signed up and generally comes or just wants to attend tell them to sign up. It’s not hard to do.

Put me down for 4 adults and 1 kid. Thanks

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Put me down for 2 adults. Riff Browning

Marshall, is that including those that already signed up at the last meeting?

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Rick that includes those that signed up at the meeting and all that have called me or signed up through the message board. I will post another reminder in a couple of days. The deadline for signing up is Jan. 7th.

Marshall - we will have 3 adults. Thanks.

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