Might have to kick Adam off the boat!


Well, he did it again with that silly Ned Rig!
Adam caught six trout today before Glenn or I got on the board!

Fished the ICW Tuesday on the docks north of Garris Landing as well as a few other places. Fishing was tough for me and Glenn. We also bumped into Larry and Chris who had a slow day.

But not Adam. Not the Ned Rig! Ugh.

Here’s how Adam was catching them in the ICW.

We were setting in maybe six foot of water throwing into two to four. Casting pretty much parallel to the ICW. We were not setting in the channel throwing 90 degrees at the docks. That’s very important as you get to work the drop off for a much longer time staying in the strike zone for as far as you can cast. You can see what I mean in the video.

Adam was bouncing his Ned Rig off the ledge that drops from about three to six feet and he might get hit three times before the trout would finally take it. Fairly slow retrieve but definitely not “dead sticking” it.

Very frustrating for Glenn and I to watch him do it to us again this week! :weary:

I’m swallowing my pride next time we go out!

I’ve got the video link with a short introduction to the Ned Rig in the intro for those interested.

Kerry Browning

Kick him to the curb…
Good tip about fishing with the ledge instead of too the ledge

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22 life’s a day

Funny how one guy in the boat can catch em and the others can’t. Been there done that………………………I’m usually the one not catching.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

A year and a half ago those guys didn’t know what an artificial bait was! They would show up with mud minnows and popping corks. Or dead shrimp and Carolina rigs.
I turned Adam on to artificials and a good rod and he never looked back.

It’s a “catch 22”
If I throw him to the curb I won’t have enough content for a video!:laughing::laughing::laughing:

Pro tip right there for those who noticed it…A good rod is key to fishing artificials successfully. Thanks Kerry always enjoy your videos

If it makes you feel any better, Ralph and I always have these streaks, and it often flips the other way during the same trip. I think it can be due to other things besides what you’re throwing. Sometimes, where the other person is standing or precisely casting. How fast or slow they are working it. And there’s always that Mr Mojo that jumps from shoulder to shoulder!

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I guess he’s just dialed in right now. Two trips out of three this year that Glenn has rigged up a Ned Rig after watching Adam and never caught so, retrieval is certainly key.
I still haven’t thrown one yet but I guess I’ll have to.

Line plays a huge factor with the way artificials work especially in slow finesse fishing. Braid fishes faster then mono and flouro on both the rise and fall and horizontal pull. But it sounds like Adam needs to teach you a thing or 2 now. Other then him on the bow i didnt notice anything specific he was doing. Put him on the back left corner when yall work the bank it should slow him down some. Lol

What rod does adam use? Asking for a friend. Lol

Put him on the back left corner… HAhaha!

I didn’t know that about line and how they retrieve at different speeds. I just spooled mine with 15 lb braid a month ago and it is different now that you mention it. I ALWAYS fish 8lb fluorocarbon when the summer pattern is back on. I’m not a big fan of braid but you really need to have it fishing structure. And then I use at least a 15 lb leader.

Adam and I both have g Loomis rods that we fish with primarily. Mine has an extra fast tip where Adam’s may be just a fast tip. I know he doesn’t get the bend I do but I also have a bad habit of “ high sticking”. Never broke a rod doing that though.

Adam reads all these threads but I’ll text him to give you the specifics on this thread.

I’m pretty sure that was meant as a joke after re reading it, hahaha.

Was afraid of wearing out my welcome on the boat! Not complaining in the least but we fish for 5-6 hours per trip and past 3 times have been a slow (and cold) grind. Water temp on last trip was 54-55 vs 49-50 prior so had hoped for better but maybe was too close to this cold front that moved through?

Ned rig beginner but one immediate challenge is trying to figure out how tight to keep drag. Loose so as to not bend the hooks which are pretty thin or heavy to keep any decent sized fish from cutting you off on structure?

Definitely appreciate all on these forums for help with technique & gear, especially Kerry & Optiker with respect to transitioning from bait (which have fished all my life) to artificials/finesse…totally get it now and agree it’s more fun.

Along those lines upgrading rod has been a game changer. Despite not great line management and casting skills think anyone would catch more fish given the ability to feel even the most subtle contact with your lure everytime.

In case anyone cares, fish Stradic FL 2500 & G Loomis WRR8500SGLX (7’1" ex fast) with 10lb moss green power pro and 25lb vanish leader (switching to 20lb once use up). Stalked Ebay for a while for the rod and reel which bought from reputable sources slightly used/out of box new for a significant discount to sticker price. No disrespect to Haddrells as would have bought there if was willing to pay full price.