Mighty quite in here tonight?

Hope everyone is well?


I’m a lot better now, thanks for asking, hope you’re doing fine as frog hair!

Fine as Frog hair here!

Thanks for checking in!

Present ,don’t want to melt any snowflakes

Me either!

Thank you Sir, for your report!

Got a message from another Member, last night.

He’s doing great!

Even shared a few numbers, with me.

Can’t wait to try 'em out.

Still around. Work and home chores has quiet doubly devoured my energies as I try to wrestle these peaks…


Any ideas on who we pist off?

Happier than a pig in $#!t…

It’s been a couple late nights for me. Racing season getting ready to kick in. Five buggies to prep. Put some heavier springs on this one. Headed to Durhamtown, now called Georgia Off-Road Adventures, for some testing and tuning. Got a guy flying out of California that built the shocks to help set them up. This year the “little one” (Jeb) will be running in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Foot in the door to get a sponsorship from Yamaha and join their team if this season goes like last!.

As for pissing anyone off, hope it was no one I like and I like most everyone!

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Jumping with joy over here. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Present, just trying to work.

Present. Benn busy at work and have both of my boys home today for the first time since Xmas. Oldest brought oysters up from Charleston. YUM.


Can’t imagine what them shocks cost. Especially flying someone in to set them up.
I see shocks for Street bikes that are 2 and $3,000.

On the two unlimited turbo class buggies… $2500.00 ish a piece. Rules in this class are pretty strict on engine, but we have a lot of leeway on suspension. Since we’ve joined with Yamaha, still a learning curve from the can am and Polaris. At least we don’t have to worry about belts anymore. This one runs a divorced transmission driven by a driveshaft. If we burn up a clutch, can have the basket out and replaced in 10-15 min. We are getting a good break from shock builder’s set up help through yamaha.

I get a tiny mention at the bottom of this article. I’m trying to find a video link from a race or two.

Here’s a decent one. From back of the pack to lead car. If you fast-forward through one to the next race, you can see a couple good crash ups. Jeb’s Rear View in the Pro Turbo class Main race 5/29/22 - YouTube

We keep a lot of spare parts in the trailer and a couple of engines. Axles can be a big failure.

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Very cool. I built a rail buggy with a 2180 CC VW motor in it a long time ago. Wish I still had it.

Looking back I’ve got a few I wish I’d have never gotten rid of as well. I’ve seen some of those 2180’s getting upwards of 200 hp out of them. Don’t see a lot of them around anymore. 2332 used to be the big dog. I’ve seen them run high 6’s in the 1/8 mile cutting v8’s tails.

My neighbors got a vw bug that’s been sitting for 20 years in really good shape. I might be getting closer into getting him to part with it! I believe it’s got the 1600 in it.

My first car was a 66 Beetle, so was my 2nd car. My third? A 67 Beetle. Moved up to a 12 volt system. Would love to have a Beetle to restore and drive around town.

I had a 2180 in my 67. That thing would really move.